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Sorry looking Seaking !
Our first Seaking has been in the wars, after a very heavy landing at Road Farm. The phone pictures aren’t very good quality but show enough of the damage.
After a full strip down to asses the damage it was found to have been caused by a tail servo failure. The servo had been swapped by the owner after a change of stabilisation equipment and although recommended to him by JR it turned out that the servo  was only rated at 3kg. Certainly not enough for a large scale model running a 5 blade head and 6 blade tail ! The undercarriage suffered a twisted main spar and damage to the wheel sponsons, main rotor head had a couple of bent spindles, tail rotor was missing a tooth on one of the gears due to the impact into the ground of the tail blades and the radar dome was cut through about half way down. Once the mechanics were removed along with all the damaged areas it didn’t look so bad
We bonded in an aluminium spar to aid with alignment and to add some strength back into the spine of the tail boom.
The new tail boom and radar dome ready to be glass fibred into place.
Repaint now done on the tail boom and a new tail gearbox has been fitted with spiral cut bevel gears.