Building guide for the R44 kit.
If both doors are to made opening the rear door’s need moving back from the marked position by 10mm. Cut out the rear doors (supplied as a separate moulding) and use the door as a template to mark the opening.
The door recess lip is created by using the second set of door mouldings, we held them in place with magnets and marked the cut line approx 5mm inside of the door openings.
Once marked and cut these can be bonded in place.
The wood part U is fitted into the horizontal tail fin by making an opening to allow the long spar to fit inside, this is then bonded to the inner leading edge of the tail fin. The horizontal and vertical tail fins can then be glued together, if your fitting nav lights then don’t forget to run the wiring before glueing the two tail fins together.
The tail fins can then be attached to the tail boom by drilling and tapping two 3mm holes, the joint should be reinforced with glue.
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