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Aircrane Here is a much modified Vario Aircrane, modelled on the Italian company Forestale’s fire fighting Erikson Aircrane. Some of the alterations include, conversion from turbine to electric, a full scratch built twin turbine engine bay, conversion from the 64E (as modelled by Vario) to 64F model and also the model will have a working water drop just like the real helicopter does.
  The Aircrane is almost finished now, with just a few more scale details to scratch build.
The Aircrane has now had its maiden flight, the first hop was with the dummy turbines removed so we could see the readout from the watt meter and to check that everything was doing what it should.
A couple of days later it had its first outing to the Rollstone Scale fly-in Wiltshire.
The Aircrane has now gone through another upgrade and modification to the mechanics. Its been fitted with an all metal gear train and the depth of the side frames has been reduced to allow it to be flown with out the water tank which previously covered part of the lower first stage of the drive train.
Seen here flying at the Watford Scale Helicopters Club event Sept 22nd 2013
and flying the flag for the BMFA at “The Flying Show” NEC Birmingham
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