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Scale Accessories.
The scale accessories are added by marking the fuselage and cutting with a thin Dremel cutting disc.............
.........and then glued into place with epoxy.
Marking out and cutting some vent holes
Trial fitting the winch and grab rail which is made up from brass tubing.
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Fitting the turbine intake filter.
Trial fitting of the radar dome.
Fitting the nose light surrounds
and the folding landing light
Top runner for the rear door fitted in to the moulding and lower runner bonded to the fuselage, I put a tapered fillet behind the lower runner so that it moves away from the fuselage as it opens. I don’t want the door scraping the paint of the top of the rivets !
Cut and fitted the floatation bags to the side’s of the wheel sponsons.
Cutting out and trimming up the windows.
The edges of the windows will be painted to create the frame.
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