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An interesting project to say the very least........... I was contacted by Wren Turbines to see if I could help out one of their customers who had a Wren 54 turbine fitted in a Chinook airframe. The Chinook had quite a history with it and arrived in the workshop in a bit of a sorry state, the major parts of the drive train were in lots of bits in a cardboard box.
There’s a big gap where there should be pulley’s and belts !
The drive train before it was reinstalled.
After machining some new brackets and aligning the pulley’s and belt, sorting out the fuel solenoid, which was stuck shut, the turbine fired up and ran well, even though it had been stood for nearly two years. A couple of ground runs to check the belt were running true and the heli was ready for a test flight before being returned to the owner. The model was designed to fit inside the Vario Chinook fuselage.
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