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Baumann Puma
We are currently working on  a Baumann Puma. This model has been around on the UK circuit for about 10 years and has gone through several different paint schemes. It arrived with us in the “Tiger” livery which the present owner wanted changing, so it was decided to do a complete refirb, replacing all the original servo’s, changing the original mechanical retract system for an electric set up, repairing parts of the fuselage that has suffered a few knocks over the years and finally giving the model a new paint scheme.
The new paint scheme.
The mounting point for the horizontal tail fin had received a few knocks over the years and needed the panel repairing. After a bit of sanding the tail fin reveals all of the old colour scheme’s.
Originally the tail fin was just glued straight to the horizontal fin but to make the joint much stronger we added two tubes and pegs to the joint.
A couple of photo’s of previous colour scheme’s
Along with the replaced horizontal tail fin a lower tail fin was fitted which wasn’t on the Tiger scheme model
The original mechanical under carriage mechanism was showing sign’s of wear, so it was replaced with an electric system.
After a LOT of sanding and cleaning up the fuselage was ready for re-riveting
Replacing old worn steps with new
Part way through the paint process
Weathering gives a well used look