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One of our current projects is a re-build on a Len Mount Comanche fuselage. This is an old (2008) original Len Mount fuselage, which had almost been completed, but was suffering from some hangar rash, it appeared to have been stored for a long time and a few parts had been damaged including one of the retract units and most of the mini servo’s which work the undercarriage doors. It was originally fitted with a set of UniStar mechanics which had a rather poor tail drive attached to them, so everything has been stripped out of the fuselage and a fresh start has been made.
Here’s the bare fuselage.
The original builder had an enormous about of home made electronics in the model to control, moving canon, gear doors and lights etc. but nothing had any markings on which made it  impossible to sort out, so it all had to come out !
The mechanical undercarriage was broken and so it was decided to replace it with a servoless electric set up. Here’s the design for the woodwork.........
and trial fitted into the fuselage